A Sense of Humour

I believe the major component to have with E.T. is A Sense of Humour.

Recently I went to a Bridal Shower… All very nice until they decided to Play Games. This shouldn't be too bad I thought.., About 20 women, we all sit down and pencils are passed around and I declined with thanks BUT OH NO.."Robyn you should join in".. I can't write (I say)… the whole party by then looking at this retard….Who actually has a brain but CAN'T WRITE. One lovely lady decides then to sit beside me and do my writing, so I give in and actually do very well in the competition, but the effort is exhausting, Darn Hard…

When travelling by AIR all ET Folk should request an aisle seat. This means the hostess can put your meal, drink etc. straight down onto your tray. No passing across others and drawing attention to your tremor….Filling out your Arrival Card?? Don't panic…I try to have a drink and then attempt this task.

Recently I was returning to NZ alone and found myself sitting next to Two famous people, one an All Black and the other a Radio/TV Announcer….My first thought was.. How am I going to fill out my card and I am certainly NOT going to ask either man to help me… As luck would have it one fell asleep and so I slowly started on my card while he was sleeping and then the meal and drink arrived so I waited 10 minutes for the drink to work and completed the whole form by myself. What an Achievement.

Six months previous the same situation had occurred… having to fill out my arrival card. I gave in and asked the hostess if she would do it for me… OH No they are not allowed to. So she kindly arranged for a contingent to meet me at Sydney Airport and fill in my arrival form … (like you all, I HATE all the attention drawn to me.) I came off the aircraft and there were two people and a motorised cart to greet me and fill out my card. After it was completed I was told to get onto the cart and was driven through Sydney Airport with the bleeper going all the time for folk to get out of the way. The wind blowing through my hair and I'm sure people imagining there was something wrong with me, right down to customs (approx 2kms) and then I alight from the cart at the head of the cue as though I was some sort of celebrity. We laughed about it for ages. Joys of ET.

Another occasion drawing unnecessary attention was buying a new lipstick one time. I had been shopping and was asked to put my parcels down and take a seat by the mirror. The assistant then put five different shades, one on each finger of one hand and told me to hold each one individually on my lip to see how it would look, OH YES … very difficult to imagine with my fingers going full pelt.. so I decided to choose one quickly to get the ordeal over. Went to pay.. It was the most expensive lipstick I had ever purchased, but I went ahead with it because I just had to get out of the situation a.s.a.p. A few months past and I was going away and went to put THE lipstick on (last thing before leaving my house)… my hand jerked the lipstick went down to my chin, broke in half and attached itself to my lovely blue wallpaper, fortunately just missing the drapes. I left it there knowing it would create a much bigger mess if I were to try and fix it. I had visions of it melting down the wall by the time I returned but it had set and halved again dropping onto the carpet this time. All this because I have a Tremor. Enough for this time.