Travelling Overseas with ET

Last Christmas I was given a trip to the UK. So much excitement, planning and ET problem solving began. First I contacted the airline to explain about my ET and inability to fill in my cards, help needed with cutting food up, carrying my "emergency medicine" (small amount of alcohol) onboard and request for an isle seat. Then I obtained a letter from my GP confirming all the above. Air New Zealand made sure that all my requests were looked after all the way there and back. No problems whatsoever.

Then I needed to organise my carry on luggage to best equip my needs to reduce any anxieties that may have contributed to my ET. I carried my stainless steel travel mug (with a non slip base) which I had all my liquids served in and had all my documents easily accessible, etc. It turned out to be one of the best trips I have had.

Once in England I organised a visit to the National Tremor Foundation (NTF). This was a wonderful day. I finally got to put names to faces. Tonia and Jane are two of the nicest ladies anyone could meet. They both have ET. Our visit lasted four hours, and we all left feeling as though we were all family. It is marvellous being with other ET people who totally understand the difficulties our condition presents us.

We discussed many aspects of what our groups do, how we support each other and the medical fraternity. Promoting public awareness is both support groups number one aim and object. I was very grateful to get more posters from the NTF to distribute around medical centres etc.

Whilst there I purchased a recently published book called Essential Tremor – The Facts by Mark Plumb and Peter Bain. This is a great book which can be purchased from For folk without a computer we could help you procure a copy.

Being away for six weeks with no great pressures, my shakes were nothing in comparison to being home. So I am now making a conscious effort to lessen the pressures. Travelling with ET plus all the way to England and back was a breeze!